What Is a Blog? What Is The Difference Between Blog and Website?

A Blog Is An Informational website Or Part Of a Website Created To Provide Information On A Particular Subject In Reverse Chronological Order, It Means Newer Posts Appears First. In More, Simpler Terms A Blog Is A Digital Journal.



What Is a Blog

What is it exactly? Is this the question bothering you, after looking for an answer,” what is a blog”? Do not get more confused after reading the words like a blog site, post, page, website or blog on the website.

Don’t worry at all. These are some simple terms every beginner has to deal with. I, too, got confused when I started my journey as a blogger. With some reading and research, I found my answers. The terms are not at all Draconian, as they seem in the beginning. But, you need to perfect your basics to get a stronghold of the subject.

Here in this write-up I have explained the difference between blog and website in the simplest way possible. It will help you understand the topic better.

A blog is a digital journal or website. where posts are displayed in reverse chronological order,which means the latest posts appears first on list.

A piece of written content published on a website to provide information is known as a blog. Blog topics could vary from site to site. The written contents are generally known as blog posts. The nature of blogs is informational or activity-based, and the tone is mostly maintained conversational. People share their views or have discussions on various topics through their posts.

A blog website is updated at regular intervals with new posts. The main aim of blogs is to provide new information to their readers.

Initially blogs were used by single person or groups to share informational content, but with the rise in digital marketing various business are using it as a platform to provide information regarding their brand. Which help them reaching bigger customer base.

A Little History

Around 1994 blogs came into existence more like personal stories shared on internet.In the beginning blogging was more like sharing stories or personal day to day life activities.

People used blogging as storytelling or digital diary writing platform until they discovered how blogs could be used as a tool to reach a larger audience. People start using blogging as an opportunity to reach a bigger audience.

The term “weblog” was used initially for blog.”weblog” changed to” weblog” then to” we blog”.The final term ‘blog” came into existence in a later stage.

During the 1999 the popular blogging site Blogger.com came into existence. In the year 2003 google acquired Blogger.com.

In the year 2003 during the month of May WordPress was launched .in the current scenario WordPress is the most popular blogging platform worldwide. WordPress .org holds all most41% of the total market share. WordPress .org is a self-hosted blogging platform.


A website contains multiple webpages and related pages, represented under a single domain name also called site. A site is generally created by a person, group, association, business for providing information.

Once a website is launched on the World Wide Web, it is publically accessible to every one. There are various sites for all sort of different purposes. To name a few like blogging site, educational site, coupon sites, business site etc. In today’s time, website helps in brand building and identity creation. A business can grow many folds simply having a web presence.

The URL is the way to reach the site. The website is always hosted on a web server.

A Little History

The first website was created by a British physicist, Tim Berners-Lee, in the year 1990. In 1993, CERN announced the World Wide Web is free to use for everyone.


What Is The Difference Between Blog and Website?

Blog is a type of website which is dynamic in nature.The entries in blog are in regular interval and blogs are presented in reverse chronological order.the newest post shows first.

blogs are used to provide updated information to the audience in a conversational tone. Blogs are playing a major role for business .It is used as a lead generation tool for businesses.

A blog could be a one-page website or a dedicated page on a website.

A website is basically used for businesses as a static informational site. On a typical website, information is not updated regularly.it contains multiple pages. A blog page could be a part of a larger website.

On a website, a business can provide information on various subjects related to business.

A final Note

A website and blog both are interrelated. A well explained blog post on a website helps in establishing a good relationship with its audience. A website is helpful for customers to reach the business. Through a website, it is easy to generate quality leads for the organization. The leads can be. Further, nurtured through email marketing, to build a good customer relationship.

In today’s digital era, both website and blog plays very crucial role in a business.